Saturday, April 30, 2011

KAP: Russell Military Museum

In one of my most stressful Kite Aerial Photography sessions ever, I was able to walk away with images of the Russell Military Museum, which is on the border of Illinois & Wisconsin off of Interstate 94. I've driven past this a hundred times, and always thought it would be an interesting place to capture from the air, as it's a visual graveyard of military vehicles.

The wind was strong and somewhat gusty, and was able to loft 2 cameras into the air. Unfortunately, it was close to sunset on a cloudy day, and Wisconsin is still pretty brown with some green peaking through into spring. The wind was much strong once the kite was high int he air, and took a bit of effort to get the cameras and kites back to safety. Here are a few of my favorites from today's session.

To view the entire gallery of aerial images of the Russell Military Musuem, click here.

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