Monday, January 24, 2011

Fusion Photography & Video

I would describe my current photography style as fusion, as I've been using a combination of images and video in my productions. Both of my canon dSLR cameras can capture images and video, and do a great job capturing image bursts. The addition of CHDK and scripting with my Point and Shoot cameras, and the use of GoPro HD hero cameras to capture slow motion video and intervelometer sessions, give me the opportunity to really create content that is unique in the marketplace. I have also been using Animoto as a video create service to quickly release content online for myself and clients. Here are a few multi-media slideshows that I put together this past weekend to showcase this fusion of media.

Kiteboarding trip to the Florida Keys, 2010
© Copyright m2 Photography - Michael J. Mikkelson 2011. All Rights Reserved. Images and video can not be used without permission.

University of Wisconsin Lifesaving Station 100 Year Anniversary
Video and animation is copyright 2010 by m2 Photography, 2011, and cannot be reproduced without permission.

2010 University of Wisconsin Alumni Band


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