Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Worldwide Kite Aerial Photography Week 2010 Book

I volunteered to be the designer and publisher for the 2010 Worldwide Kite Aerial Photography Week book. There were 47 photographers that participated and submitted content for this year's book.

This book has been my life for the past month, and have spent a few long weekends compiling the pictures and stories into a custom book. I decided to not use a template and created custom pages for each and every kiter. Special thanks to Brooks Leffler, Peter Boyton, and Ramiro Priegue for helping me proofread the content.

The images in this book are a showcase to Kite Aerial Photographers around the world. The KAP Discussion Board is the source of this kite family, and the book is currently in it's 3rd edition. I'll be happy to turn the torch over to the next designer in 2011!!

A feature that was added to this year's book was a map showing where everyone around the world is located. These are not the locations of the places where the KAPers took pictures. I've also posted an interactive online version of this map for viewing: