Sunday, February 7, 2010

Winter Sailing: Ice Sports and the GoPro HD Hero

I went up to Madison, Wisconsin yesterday for the Culver's Camp Randall Hockey Classic, but had some time to kill before the hockey game started. I met a few friends down at the lake for some fun on the frozen ice. My friend Chris rides a custom rig that has 2 skis up on an angle attached to a board, which is then attached to a standard windsurfing sail. I clamped the GoPro HD Hero to the top of the mast, set it to capture 1080p video. Here are the results:

Click on image above to load video

I had also created 2 custom mounts for the HD Hero camera to use with a kiteboarding kite, which we also use on the snow with our snowboards. Basically, I used a combination of the helmet mount and a double loop to go around the middle strut on the kite. We went back and forth between capturing video and taking images, and got some great shots. Here are a few still images from the kite looking down at Lake Mendota and the kiter.

Even though this one isn't level, it's one of my favorites, as it shows the entire group out enjoying the wind. 3 snowkiters, and one ice windboarder in the same shot. Everyone in this image has worked at the UW Lifesaving station at one time.

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