Sunday, November 1, 2009

KAP: Yerkes Observatory

I got permission to go an photograph the Yerkes Observatory in William's Bay, Wisconsin near Lake Geneva using my Kite Aerial Photography camera. I saw this facility from across the lake the past summer during a sailing regatta, and though that this would be a great place for KAP. I totally forgot about it until recently, and decided that I would email the University of Chicago representative and let them know that I planned on coming out. It is a lot bigger than I expected, and the ornate details on the outside of the facility are superb. I would probably go back to photograph this just for the architecture of the property. It was very windy today, and extremely gusty, which make it harder to get consistent shots from the air. There was enough room on the property and adjacent golf course to walk the kite around to get different perspectives. The largest of the domes is 90 feet high. Now, I just need to add it to my list to view the building from the inside, and get a peek through the world's biggest lens type telescope!

For additional images from the Yerkes Observatory Aerial Gallery, Click Here.

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